Stress Management

Stress is common and occurs often in everyone daily lives, but unchecked stress in high quantities can cause harmful health issues. Stress can also lead to destruction of relationships, jobs, families, and all other aspects of an individuals life.
Learning affective coping skills and how to manage stress can mean the difference between a life of quality or a life of despair.

Stress is defined as strain and pressure from physical, chemical, emotional, or environmental factors, resulting in increased tension or "wear and tear" on the body. Stress can be a positive force, it can help an individual who knows how to harness it to improve their lives drastically. However, the stresses in life more often than not leave us feeling drained and overwhelmed and can destroy anything we put our mind on accomplishing. Stress cannot be completely eliminated therefore counseling to learn to manage stress more effectively is the best solution.

If you find that you are feeling irritable, tired most of the time, unable to concentrate, or experiencing restlessness and sleep disturbances, please feel free to contact me to set up an appointment by clicking on the patient portal link below, or calling or texting me at 432-770-2432.


Keys to Managing Stress

  • Notice that you are stressed as early as possible
  • Identify who or what is stressing you
  • Learn to be appropriately assertive and say “No” to yourself and others
  • Develop realistic goals
  • Change the negatives if you can, and change your attitude about them if you can’t
  • Learn not to panic or over-react when things don’t go well
  • Take time out to relax daily and exercise at least 3 times a week
  • Eat and sleep well, and limit alcohol and tobacco use
  • Take care of academic, medical or other personal problems as soon as you notice them