Mental Health

Mental health counseling is accomplished by using psychotherapeutic methods and coaching by a professional to help others understand their illness and learn new and affective coping skills and treatments to help their illness become a minimal barrier to their happiness.

Anyone experiencing mental health realted issues in themselves or in their loved ones knows first hand how debiliating and painful it can be to have a mental illness, often they feel hopeless and eventually will give into their illness. With the help of counseling designed specifically for their unique realtionship with their own personal illness life can and will improve.

If you are currently prescribed medications but have not seen resolve, and you are not seeing a therapist, this could be your problem, medication alone is never the answer. Counseling is imperitive for overall mental health and well being, medication is secondary and only for severe cases.

I look forward to being able to help you gain control over your mental health issues, to set up an appointment simply click on the patient portal link below, or feel free to call or text 432-770-2432 to set up an appointment.


At times therapy alone may not be enough, if that is the case I I work closely with some of the leading and appropriate Medical professionals in our area, and will refer you to the appropriate one for your unique needs.