Are you or someone you care about suffering from a form of addiction? Addiction can be debilitating and can cause turmoil in interpersonal relationships. If left unchecked, addiction can take over ones life and cause other mental health issues for the individual and literally destroy all relationships the individual values. Are you or someone you care about ready to take the steps to recovery, if so I pledge to help you overcome your addictions.

What can one be addicted too? Addictions can come in many forms, anything done in excess can become an addiction. Addictive personalities could become addicted and abuse almost anything, behavior, situation, or person. Addictions are usually able to fit into three types of categories---

  1. Chemicals or substances produced outside the body and ingested to achieve a change of some sort.
  2. Chemicals produced by the body itself as a result of a behavior or participating in an activity.
  3. Chemicals, substances or activities taken or undertaken to allow another addiction to continue.

I can help you take the first step to overcome your's or a loved one's addictions, and together you/ they can learn to control the addictive personality.

Common types of addictions I have worked with include
1. Drug and Alcohol
2. Sexual
3. Adrenaline
4. Self Harmers

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